Checklist: 6 Clues To Identify Your Unique Ability®

Each of us has a unique set of talents and skills that, when combined, create value in the world. This is what we define as a person’s Unique Ability.

The process of identifying your Unique Ability and putting language around it isn’t always easy. This is partly because the things we’re best at are so ingrained in us that we don’t recognize them as being unique or special. Therefore, we aren’t in touch with the impact they have on the world.

Getting clear on your Unique Ability is one of the best ways to take charge and design your life. It’s what gives you clarity on which activities you should be focusing on and which to steer clear of.

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So how do you identify your Unique Ability? Here are six tips to help you get started:

  1. Think beyond the value you create for your clients.
    To discover your Unique Ability, focus on the set of tasks for which you have superior ability and a lot of passion. But be sure to stretch yourself beyond the services you offer to your clients. Unique Ability is not necessarily how you make money—you probably did it in some form before you got paid for it. Think about the purpose you bring to the relationships with your kids, spouse, and community.
  2. Look for what feels easy to you.
    Be aware of the activities and tasks that come naturally to you. They may not seem that special to you, and others may recognize your unique talent before you see it in yourself because it comes so easily to you. These habits likely shine through in many different situations.
  3. These qualities are “factory-installed.”
    To some degree, you’ve been doing things this way since you were a kid (ask you parents, siblings, or teachers, if possible). Maybe you weren’t as aware back then or it wasn’t developed yet, but these habits have been part of you since you were very young.
  4. Consider everything that feels totally natural.
    The characteristics that are a key part of you (for example, your sense of humor, the fact that you keep your word, your ability to research, your “jump in” approach) are all part of your Unique Ability. These are the parts of you that have always been consistent.
  5. Look for areas where you’re a hero.
    You may not think of it this way, but in some sense, you’re being a “hero” to others in these areas. These are things that other people can always count on you to do and impact them in a positive and useful way.
  6. It’s a constantly evolving process.
    The understanding, description, and application of your Unique Ability is a constant work in progress. Your self-awareness will increase the more you use your Unique Ability in different situations and with different audiences. Over time, who you are as a person won’t fundamentally change, but your Unique Ability will evolve throughout your life and will keep getting better the more you apply it.

Discover this special part of yourself and bring it to the forefront, and you’ll be constantly celebrated and rewarded in life for doing what comes most naturally to you. It’s the truest freedom possible!


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