Are You Afraid Of Dying With Regrets? Here’s How To Enrich Your Life

“Every next level of your life will demand a different you.” Leonardo DiCaprio
There’s a common misconception that once you’re successful, you no longer have to take risks—that there’s less to worry about when you’ve established yourself.

But the truth is, no matter where you are in life, the journey continually takes courage. If you believe in never-ending self-growth, becoming stagnant will be one of your top concerns.

For many, growth can actually be more intimidating when you’ve built a successful business around yourself. There’s more at stake, more to lose.

What if your current business no longer feels fulfilling?

What if you’re not having as much fun?

What if there are other interests you’ve always wanted to explore?

What if part of you feels that you’re not going as big as you could go?

How, at the peak of your success, do you bravely forge ahead into the next unknown?

There will always be another Ceiling of Complexity to break through in your life as an entrepreneur. So how can you trust that you’re always making the right decision, especially if it seems out of sync with your current path?

“Unique Ability helps you rethink who you think you are.” Leonard Rego
Unique Ability is at the core of who you are naturally, and it’s what we rely on in Strategic Coach to guide us in making our most transformational decisions.

It’s how we find honesty with ourselves about what we really want out of our future. We asked two entrepreneurs in The Strategic Coach Program to share their personal journeys in discovering their Unique Ability.

Here’s how it changed their perspective, opened up their worlds, and became the grounding force for their next leaps of faith:

Leonard Rego: “My Unique Ability is learning; taking charge; understanding deeply; thinking laterally, conceptually, and strategically; peering into a brand’s soul, distilling its essence, and telling its story to the world; communicating elegantly and with influence; pioneering and reengineering solutions; multitasking fluidly; and giving my thinking, time, and money generously and with ‘irrational’ compassion—with a sense of invincibility—in order to optimize growth and every situation, create value all around, and have a positive impact on humanity.”

Chad Meisinger: “My Unique Ability is transforming visions into reality. I can see a bright future in my mind as a 3D IMAX motion picture. I address the challenges and opportunities through systems and automation, scene by scene, like solving a puzzle. I achieve my dreams by building loyal teams of carefully arranged individuals who are encouraged with love to live out their God-given talents.”

If you’re seeking out a way to validate your next life decision or get closer to the heart of what drives you, start discovering your Unique Ability today. Visit our Unique Ability website to learn more.

Defining your personal brand.
“The Unique Ability session was one of the only times I’ve set aside to think about what my strengths were and put those down in writing. It’s funny because I do that for a living, for all the brands I work with, but I’ve never actually done that for myself. I’ve never thought about what comprised my personal brand. And that helped me consolidate what I always knew about myself but never actually expressed.” Leonard Rego

Operating with clarity.
“Discovering your Unique Ability is like walking into a room, and when you first walk in, the whole room looks perfect. But then when you clean a spot, all of a sudden through contrast, you can tell the whole room’s dirty. After going through this process, I had total clarity on what areas of my life needed to be changed. This was the biggest shift I saw in myself.” Chad Meisinger

Finding validation.
“Unique Ability helps you rethink who you are. If you have a certain identity that doesn’t serve you, it’s by learning your Unique Ability that you know who you truly are. It’s one of the most amazing tools you can use. I think a lot of entrepreneurs start their businesses and then they’re just involved in the day-to-day, and suddenly their business is growing and they’re not. They just stop at some point. But when you have Unique Ability in your tool kit, and you know what you’re really great at, you can continue to grow in that direction forever.” Leonard Rego

“We grew up with nothing, and my mindset was always: you have to work really hard to get where you want to go. My dad joked around on his business card that he was Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, which was him trying to say he’d do whatever to get the job done. And I remember early on in my career, I had to be the one constantly doing everything because I wanted everyone to feel there was no job too little or big for me. The challenge is that’s obviously not the best use of your time. And Unique Ability validated that for me.” Chad Meisinger

Being intentional.
“The biggest impact that discovering my Unique Ability has had on me is extreme intentionality. It’s freed up my time, and I have more intentionality around what I want to do with that time. And my relationships, I’ve had this sudden awakening of the few moments that you have with those that you’re closest to. And, how do you use more intentionality to enrich those moments and have more of those moments?” Chad Meisinger

“The moment you’ve arrived is the perfect time to start out again.” Dan Sullivan

Your future will never be clear-cut, and your next move will always be accompanied by fear (and excitement). But the most rewarding things always are.

So get to know yourself in the deepest way, get in touch with your brilliant talents and the “why” that drives you, and carve out your path using your Unique Ability as your compass.

It will guarantee that you’re always staying close to your best self. And growth won’t seem so complicated because the answers to what to strive toward next will become so much more obvious.

This is how to live your most rewarding and fulfilling life. It’s by getting in touch with who you really are, so you can have your biggest, most purposeful impact on the world, with no regrets.





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