Articles tagged ‘Multipliers’:

Success — There’s No Alternative!

There’s no point in being an entrepreneur and doing it half-heartedly. If you don’t go at it full-bore, you get caught between two worlds with none of the advantages of either.

Back in 1978, just four years after I’d started being an entrepreneur, I went bankrupt because I just hadn’t learned enough yet to be successful. I went to see my bank manager, who was a very nice man, but he’d been a banker for 30 years, and it was the only world he knew. In our meeting, he said to me, “Why don’t you stop this nonsense? You’re a writer, you’re an artist. Why don’t you go back and get a job?”… Read more

Your Factory-Installed Multiplier

I like having a big company. Many fun and exciting possibilities open up at this level. The only challenge is that I don’t like the feeling of big companies. I don’t like bureaucracy.

So how do you run a growing company yet keep the feeling of a small company?… Read more

Creators And Consumers

While some people in our multiplier age are having a better, easier life, for many others, things remain difficult and seem likely to get even worse. They find themselves feeling cheated. Sure, there are always more things to buy — and at lower and lower prices. But being a consumer is not the same as multiplying themselves, feeling like there are two of them, or ten of them, or a thousand of them.… Read more