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Who’s In Charge Here?

In the last post, I talked about using a bank machine in a foreign country as an example of cooperation among strangers. Transactions like that happen a billion times a day, and all this activity seems to take place without anyone controlling it. To me, that’s a modern miracle. To people who believe somebody needs to be in charge, it’s a nightmare. “But what if … ? What if … ?” they say.

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I consider the ATM a miracle. Let’s say I’m traveling outside North America — at an Israeli outpost close to Lebanon, for instance — and I run out of cash. I look around and find a store down the street that has an Automated Teller Machine. I stick my card into it, choose between English, Hebrew, and Arabic, then, after a pause that’s only slightly longer than usual, the machine gives me a handful of shekels. Talk about massive amounts of co-operation among strangers!