Multiplier Technologies

How To Thrive In An Age Of Technological Change

As an entrepreneur in a world of continual and rapid change, you have the choice to embrace the change that technology has created, or not. My advice would be to get onside immediately and take complete advantage of its many multiplier capabilities. Big change, a new...

How To Train Your Mind For Extraordinary Success

Imagine if you were able to travel 100 years into the past – but still know everything you know now about which technologies were going to pay off. There were seven big technologies over that time frame that you’ll immediately recognize: Electricity Telephone Audio...

Technology: Multiplier Or Menace?

We live in a technology-centric world. It’s become part of our everyday personal and business lives, our reality. For entrepreneurs, technology can be an extremely useful tool, or it can leave us feeling left behind, in The Gap, and overwhelmed. But by shifting your...

Technology: Multiplier Or Drug?

In a world of multiplier technologies, the possibilities are endless. So how do you avoid getting caught up in the complexity of thinking about them all? And how do you choose which ones to pursue?

In Strategic Coach terms, a true multiplier works as an extension of your Unique Ability — the thing you do best, love doing most, and get the best results from. You seek out multipliers simply because they will magnify your Unique Ability out into the world.