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Determine Your Mindset For Success

Determine Your Mindset For Success

You might think your personal, internal experiences in life are too subjective to be useful. But these experiences are actually the best resources you have to come up with standards of measurement to evaluate your current and prospective relationships.

What Yes, No, And Maybe Really Mean

As entrepreneurs, we’re all salespeople, no matter how big our businesses get. Steve Jobs is a great example. We all know he started off creating in a garage as so many high-tech entrepreneurs did. Fast-forward 35 or 40 years, and he was the head of the most valuable...

The Great Sales Conversation

Many years ago, I had a sales call with someone who was referred to me to join the Strategic Coach Program. I got on the call with him, and he told me that the person who referred him said such good things about me but didn’t really tell him what the Program was...