Quotable Coach: That “Thing” You Do

“Knowing your Unique Ability® puts you smack-dab in control of your own life.” Julia Waller, Unique Ability Specialist, Strategic Coach®

“Knowing your Unique Ability® puts you
smack-dab in control of your own life.”
Julia Waller
Unique Ability Specialist
Strategic Coach®

We all like the idea of being free to do our own thing, but how many people can really say what their “thing” is?

Your Unique Ability® isn’t your job, your education, your business, your role, or any other outside descriptor of who you are or what you do. It’s the underlying talents and inner drive behind all your activities, everything you do. It’s the thing you love, that sets you apart, and makes you a hero to others. If one of the ways you express it got cut off, you’d always find another way to do it.

So what’s your Unique Ability? What do you feel compelled to do, for whom, and why?

If you can articulate this, you have a touchstone you can always come back to when you need clarity. It will show you which opportunities to say yes to and let you feel fine about saying no to others.


We all have a Unique Ability®—the way you create ever-evolving value in the world—but can you define yours?

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  1. Julia hi,

    This is a big ask, because I don’t fit any of Dan’s consultation criteria in terms of income, profitability etc. I would, however, be grateful for your help, if you are willing

    I am a 75 year-old, Therapeutic Reflexologist and Craniosacral therapist in Johannesburg, South Africa (Formerly a CPA).
    Have been in practice approx. 13 years as a ‘sole trader’ – (private practice & as a provider at corporate wellness events).

    I listen to the 10* talks regularly (brilliant). In fact, A friend attended the $million insurance round table conference in USA many years ago, when Dan did the Ceiling of Complexity Talk and I have listened to it many times(brilliant).

    Have just listened to What is your unique ability and Your game changer Part 1 (brilliant)

    Corporate work is my main focus. I love what I do and I get great feedback from satisfied corporates. I do extensive research on all aspects of wellness and continual improvement of my value provided. My focus is improvement of engagement at all levels by providing mind/body health. “There is no physical health, without emotional health!” Other criteria are Creating a culture of wellness, Better dietary and lifetime habits, No “one size fits all”. Intrinsic motivation, one-on-one treatments, measurement of results etc

    I have participated in many corporate wellness events, over many years and I believe I provide something unique (value that nobody else can,)but I’m not earning what I could earn, because I need help with my marketing.

    In the Unique Ability talk, Dan talked about products, services and experiences and how important it is to market the “experiences”, so as to unlock my potential. Julia, I cannot afford Dan’s fees – I’m a one-man show, but if you’re able to tell me how to market my “experiences” effectively I’d be most grateful.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.



  2. Strategic Coach says:

    Hi Arthur,

    Congratulations on all you’re doing in your business! Your work sounds fascinating! Your passion for working with people to improve their wellness comes through in spades and is really inspiring.

    Sorry for the delayed response but since marketing isn’t my expertise, I’ve consulted with our team here, so here are a few places to start:

    – If you’re enjoying the 10x Talks (fantastic), we suggest listening to Joe Polish’s “I Love Marketing” podcasts (Dan is often a guest) at http://ilovemarketing.com/category/podcast/.
    – You could also keep an eye on Michael Fishman, who specializes in healthcare marketing (http://michaelfishmanconsulting.com/mediaspeaking/).
    – Two internet marketers you might enjoy following are J. J. Virgin (http://jjvirgin.com/) and Jeff Walker (http://jeffwalker.com/), both wellness-oriented.
    – From a cranial sacral perspective, have you heard of Matrix Repatterning (http://matrixrepatterning.com/)? You might be able to learn from how they position their work (plus, it’s amazing stuff).
    – Check out the book The Experience Economy by B. Joseph Pine and James H. Gilmore. This will give you more context around selling experiences (as Dan mentioned on his podcast).
    – Do you have videos or testimonials about the experience your clients get from working with you? Social proof is very powerful marketing, and the more you can have people share the positive impact your work had on their health, and on their business (productivity, etc.), the better!

    Marketing is a big topic. Hopefully these resources will give you some new ideas. Thanks for reaching out, and all the best for the future!


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