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Endless amounts of time and money are spent by marketers, advertisers, and psychologists trying to figure out how to understand and influence human behavior.

Perhaps we’ll never really know why people do what they do, but there’s one thing you can always bank on in every situation: People do things for their reasons, not your reasons.

Ignorance of this fact abounds in sales situations, where people try to convince and cajole, persuade and reason – yet none of this will ever work until it taps into the listener’s existing set of hopes and fears about the future.

The only thing you can really sell someone on is their future. There might just be room for you there – if you can help them achieve something they want to do, be, or have there.

What do they want? Well, most people are very happy to tell you – especially in a world where most people are selling rather than listening. Just ask the right questions.

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