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“You can’t be half envious and half grateful.” Dan Sullivan

“You can’t be half envious and half grateful.”
Dan Sullivan

Comparing yourself to other people is inevitable, and can be a source of useful insights. When it leads to envy, though, it’s useless.

Envy is debilitating and demoralizing, and it gives you a scarcity view of the world, where other people’s gain can only be seen as a loss for you.

If you ever find envy creeping into your mind or emotions, here’s a quick and effective way to root it out: be grateful.

Cultivate gratitude by thinking about — or, even better, writing down — five things you appreciate about that person, their accomplishment, and what that means is possible. This is a great source of insight into what matters to you, and can uncover some goals you may have had for yourself but not looked at until now.

You can’t be half-envious and half-grateful. It’s one or the other. So choose gratitude! It’s a state of mind that will give you the happiness and confidence of knowing you live in a world of abundance.

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