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As an entrepreneur, you’ve removed yourself from the restrictions and limitations of other people’s systems. Still, it’s amazing how many of us strive to meet others’ expectations and demands – or set up rigid, impossible ideals for ourselves.

There’s nothing wrong with winning along the way – and it’ll give you a lot more energy and confidence than striving for the impossible.

The unspoken hesitation here is that all this winning will lower the bar and make us lazy. But – really? Have you met you? Trust in your inner drive and your inexhaustible entrepreneurial ability to see opportunities around you to make things bigger and better.

To start, take one of the projects you’re currently working on and think about how you can change the rules, break it up, and give yourself chances to win along the way. When you feel like you’re winning, you’ll be filled with motivation – and achieve even more than you set out to.

If you want some fun support to make this a daily habit, use our WinStreak app to track your progress.

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