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Having something to look forward to has a profound impact on our sense of happiness, and more and more scientific studies suggest that the way we experience advancing age has an awful lot to do with our mindset..

A recent New York Times article describes an experiment in which elderly people were sent to live for several days in a house designed to look and feel like one from decades before, complete with vintage newscasts. The longer they stayed and recaptured their youth, the more limber and rejuvenated the guests became.

But what if who you expected to be in the future, and what that person would be doing, were more exciting than anything you’d experienced in the past? Surely that would produce far better results than trying to cling to glory days in the past.

That’s why we say, “Always make your future bigger than your past.” Make your ambitions greater than your memories, and you’ll enjoy a sense of purpose, momentum, and vitality for your entire lifetime.

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