Creators And Consumers

While some people in our multiplier age are having a better, easier life, for many others, things remain difficult and seem likely to get even worse. They find themselves feeling cheated. Sure, there are always more things to buy — and at lower and lower prices. But being a consumer is not the same as multiplying themselves, feeling like there are two of them, or ten of them, or a thousand of them.… Read more

A Brief History Of Multipliers

The past 200 years of Western history can be seen as the story of people gaining access to greater and greater multipliers. Compound interest is one of the greatest new multipliers; the next greatest are the technologies that have emerged.… Read more

Why We Love Multipliers

The word “multiplier” is powerful because it generates exciting thoughts and motivating emotions. It may be the most powerful word in the English language in terms of expanded human ambition, creativity, and productivity. To multiply something is much more powerful than just adding something. Addition is incremental and, though satisfying, is not nearly as exciting as multiplying, which is exponential. … Read more