Multiply The Opposite Of Everything You Dislike

Back in 1980, I picked up a book that I have read five times over the past 30 years, called The Technological System by Jacques Ellul. In it, Professor Ellul describes how technology is a profoundly self-generating process in human affairs that impacts every aspect of daily life. By “technology,” he does not just mean machines and mechanical devices, but also systems of thinking, learning, and organizing. If you just compare your life today, from a technological standpoint, with what surrounded you 20 years ago, your own experience will support Jacques Ellul’s thesis.… Read more

Multiplier Tools That Are Building Us

Anyone who followed the development of television in the 1960s knows of Marshall McLuhan. One of McLuhan’s sayings is a perfect description of the multiplier universe in the 21st century: “We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us.”… Read more

Disruption Is An Opportunity for Multipliers

For the past 35 years of being a business coach, I’ve tested and proven the multiplier approach to organizational transformation with thousands of entrepreneurial firms in 60 different industries around the world. I’ve done small business coaching with firms of just two or three people right up to entrepreneur coaching with the leaders of multinational organizations employing several thousand. The Multiplier Mindset has worked wherever it was tried.… Read more

Multipliers’ Transformational Effect On Bureaucracies

Looking at the existing structures of our modern societies — especially the bureaucratic structures of education and employment — you can see why so many people never develop themselves as creators of multipliers: They work in tightly controlled structures and processes that allow little or no room for personal initiative. They’re expected to do work designed entirely by other people. The work is repetitious, and they seldom know what value it’s creating for the overall organization or the outside world. No one even asks for their ideas about how it could be made more efficient or productive.… Read more