Multipliers Aren’t Normal — But They Can Be

If you want this year to be an exceptional one — your best year yet — you have to start by looking at your idea of what’s “normal.”

Your internal sense of “normal” is likely unconscious, yet it sets your comfort levels, shapes your actions, and frames your results, so it’s a crucial concept to become aware of and work with.… Read more

Successful Multipliers Slow Life Down

Entrepreneurs who are multipliers have a sense of ease about them. You can tell that they’re winning, that the world is on their side. Their bills are paid, they have a great lifestyle, and so many things are working for them that their life becomes a kind of game they’re playing.… Read more

Technology: Multiplier Or Drug?

In a world of multiplier technologies, the possibilities are endless. So how do you avoid getting caught up in the complexity of thinking about them all? And how do you choose which ones to pursue?

In Strategic Coach terms, a true multiplier works as an extension of your Unique Ability — the thing you do best, love doing most, and get the best results from. You seek out multipliers simply because they will magnify your Unique Ability out into the world.… Read more

Simplification Is The New Wealth

The very nature of a multiplier is that it dramatically simplifies some aspect of life. This perfectly fits my definition of productivity:

Productivity means getting something done faster, easier, or cheaper.

People who achieve this productivity say things like, “Before, I was doing ten things; now, I’m doing one thing but getting the same results” or “It used to take me ten hours to get something done; now, it takes me half an hour and I get the same results.”… Read more