How To Celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week, November 17-23, 2014

Three Steps To A Bigger Future. Strategic Coach celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Entrepreneurs are the single most powerful economic and creative force at work around the world — so as far as we’re concerned, every week is “global entrepreneurship week”!

Still, we’re happy to join in the official celebrations for Global Entrepreneurship Week. It’s much more than an excuse for sending flowers (though, we like flowers) — showcases articles, activities, networking events, and other resources for business leaders around the world.

To keep the momentum going mid-week, here’s a three-step process for entrepreneurs to achieve their bigger future:

  • Choose the future you want. Just choose — no explanation or justification is required. We want what we want and choose what we choose. So, choose the bigger, better future you want to head toward.
  • Decide what part of the past gets to come along. Some relationships, activities, and structures from your past aren’t going to fit into the future you’ve envisioned. So, let your choice about the future help you make the decision about what to bring with you and what to leave behind.
  • Utilize the present to make the best possible progress. The future you’ve chosen gives you a lot of clarity about what to do now. Doing certain activities in the present is going to help you achieve progress on an ongoing basis and keep moving you toward your 25-Year Transformation.

Happy Global Entrepreneurship Week!

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Happy 25th Anniversary To Us!

You might have caught the buzz that we’ve been celebrating 25 years of the Strategic Coach Program. But did you know that it was 25 years ago on this very day, November 13, 1989, that the first Strategic Coach workshop was launched? And, as they say, the rest is history.

To all the amazing entrepreneurs who’ve been a part of the journey, we are so grateful. And we couldn’t be more excited about what the next 25 years will hold!

From all of us, to all of you, thank you!

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Use Your Ability To Transform

Use Your Ability To Transform! Celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Two centuries ago, French economist Jean-Baptiste Say wrote that an entrepreneur is someone who “shifts economic resources out of an area of lower and into an area of higher productivity and greater yield.” In other words, as an entrepreneur, you transform resources in a way that makes them more valuable than they were before. These “resources” aren’t limited to material things, but also include relationships, processes, networks, and ideas.

So, rather than identifying yourself by the industry you operate in or by any technical skills you’ve developed, it helps to remember that you have this other great advantage and gift. Most people accept the world as it’s presented to them, but you’ve already proven that you have the exceptional ability to see how things could be better and then bring about that positive change.

In celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week, which begins on November 17, we’re hosting three online presentations that will show you how to make the most of your power of transformation.

Join us in celebrating entrepreneurs!

Transforming Your Future: How to achieve lifetime growth for a future that’s bigger than your past

Date: Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Time: 11:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. ET

Transforming Your Business: How to create unique value in the marketplace

Date: Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Time: 11:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. ET

Transforming Your Team: How to foster and grow entrepreneurial teamwork

Date: Thursday, November 20, 2014
Time: 11:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. ET