Why a blog?

We’re a company founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We’re focused on growth—not only as a company, but as individuals. And we believe in sharing what’s worked for us as we’ve grown, with other entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial thinkers.

Since 1989, we’ve grown into a unique, wide-reaching community of successful entrepreneurs from around the globe. A community driven by ideas—mind-shifting, convention-challenging concepts that become practical, implementable strategies and tools that work for entrepreneurial businesses and their teams, families, and communities.

The entrepreneurs we coach in our workshop program have taught us as many valuable lessons as we’ve taught them. They’re smart, creative, generous, committed, and fun. They’re big thinkers and risk-takers with a vision for the future that will make things better for more people, and better for the world. They’re often game changers.

And why not take all that entrepreneurial wisdom and cast it further, reach even more people who are excited about what they’re doing and who want to make it bigger and better, more useful to more people, and more fun?

That’s a conversation that keeps us excited about being entrepreneurs and coaching entrepreneurs—and one we never tire of having.

That’s why we blog.

We don’t just talk; we walk.

There are plenty of highs and plenty of lows as an entrepreneur—it’s truly not for the faint of heart.

Whatever issue or roadblock or wall you’ve run into, over our 25 years of coaching entrepreneurs and learning from it, we’ve either walked in those shoes or have had clients who have. We even have a proprietary strategy for getting past obstacles and coming out smarter for it. (We’ve likely blogged about it!)

Our well-stocked store of wisdom offers practical strategies to try out right away, thinking tools that’ll get your mind working in a fresh way (often a very good thing), transformative ideas, and insights that can be applied to all areas of your business and life.

These are all tools we have handy in our tool belts at Strategic Coach and that over 17,000 successful entrepreneurs have used to grow their businesses exponentially while simplifying their lives.

Never fear. We’ve organized this vast world of wisdom!

We’ve made finding the topics you’re looking for easy.

Each blog is filed under one of three categories, making it easier for you to filter through and find what you’re looking for.

1. Growth is curated around bigger-future ideas and goals, and how to reach new levels of success in both your business and life away from work. (Life is important!)

2. Leadership is all about creating value in the world, whether it’s how to be a leader in your business or a game changer in your industry.

3. Teamwork is a highly practical look into how to achieve exceptional collaboration and flow, tackling issues specific to entrepreneurial teams.

About Strategic Coach

Strategic Coach was founded in 1989 by husband-and-wife team, Dan Sullivan and Babs Smith, both passionate entrepreneurs. It started as a commitment to provide successful entrepreneurs with a process and the tools to grow their businesses, while simplifying their complexity—working less and making more money. It has grown to become the leading workshop program for top entrepreneurs worldwide.